Badmintion Booking

For Family Bookings, Call Us - 0755 522 212
Weeks 05.00AM-05.00PM 05.00PM-11.00PM
Weekdays Rs. 500 Rs. 600
Weekends Rs. 600 Rs. 600

Available Booked

1. Nob shoes are not allowed. Only Canvas and Deck Shoes are allowed

2. You are responsible for your own property (including, without limitation, any motor vehicle) and Action Indoor Sports will not be liable for loss, damage to or theft of any property brought to the Venue.

3. Food and beverages are prohibited from any field of play, game or sport surface area within the Venue, except water within a designated bottle.

4. No Space Jump admission tickets will be issued until full payment is received and all funds cleared. Action Indoor Sports does not accept any responsibility for lost or stolen admission tickets. You must keep a record of the printed number on each ticket.

5. Runners or Indoor Shoes must be worn at all times whilst on court. Studded or Metal Boots are not allowed to be worn on court surfaces at any time. Patrons must be suitably and appropriately attired at all times while within the Venue.